Seven Friday

Seven Friday is a small yet famous watch brand from Zurich, Switzerland in 2012. It is really a exciting watch about their appealing looked, their watch usually is available in a simple but very effective way to show people what they are about. Many have first impressions toward the watch design is art, fun, style, industrial, architecture, modern with a classic twist. As the watch getting popular, more and more people like it especial American market, so that the replica Seven Friday also come out to meet the market.

Replica Seven Friday unveiled P1, P2,P3,M1,M2, their all have a same characteristics of large. Large with uniquely designed mechanical, is standard for the the timepieces are bold. It make people is interested in the amazing, controversial and whimsical. The watch show great visual impact through the watch's square, retro television scree-shaped solid cases that blends classic with modern inside a balanced way multi-layered dial three-dimensional disks open view to actions and various colors, material remedies, straps and finishes. On top of that, it is a watch that comfortable to wear.